Uedo village heartwarming rice

We are MLab Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kamino, Tano-gun, Gunma Prefecture.

We are a venture company engaged in regional revitalization business. We are a company that is active every day with the mission of “creating a society in which smiles circulate while being excited every day, recognizing that dreams and possibilities are the greatest resources of regional revitalization”. As part of our regional revitalization project, we have developed retort foods using Kaminomura’s crops. We started this project with the hope that we can contribute to the decrease in food loss and the improvement of farmers’ incomes by purchasing and commercializing crops that are poor in shape and can not be shipped or the yield is too small to produce anywhere. We are also working to use the facilities in the village to circulate the economy in the village as much as possible at the processing plant.

Kaminomura can be visited in about two hours from Tokyo, and corona disasters are also popular with nature seekers. In order to deliver delicious products of Kaminomura in a safe and secure state, we have established a system that can consistently manage everything from purchasing to processing and sales using a local processing plant that is properly hygienic and managed.
Originally, I would like you to come to Kaminomura and purchase it, but in the recent situation, it is quite difficult to go out. Therefore, we have set up an e-commerce site so that you can purchase products anytime, anywhere.

The Ueno Village Hot Rice Project was launched with the desire to support farmers in the village, so that we would like more people to know Kaminomura.
We hope that we can cooperate with farmers’ incomes and solving the food loss problem by making retort foods using agricultural products in the village.
There are six types of current lineups, but we plan to continue to develop new products in the future.

Takahiro Mieda: President and CEO, Exciting Pounding Research Institute


I want visitors, producers and eaters to feel relaxed with the ingredients nurtured by the delicious atmosphere of Kaminomura. I made it with such a wish.


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Address: 696-3 Katsuyama, Kaminomura, Tano-gun, Gunma Prefecture
Website: MLab (mottainai.co.jp)

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